Saturday, September 18, 2010


I will bring everyone's Race For The Cure T-shirts on October 9th so if you just want to come wearing a shirt that you can put the team shirt over then that would be great!

The earliest "event" that you will need to be at is the team photo which we are scheduled to take at 8:15 am at the Team's Tent which will be on the northwest quadrant of Linn Park. It will be very well marked.

If you want to participate in some of the earlier morning activities, below are some things you might be interested in:

Updated Schedule
7-11 am Survivor breakfast sponsored by Touching You, inc. All Survivors welcomed (eat up mom!!)
8:15 am Team Susan's Team Photo!
8:20-8:45 am Survivor Group Parade/Picture at the Survivor Cafe
8:50-8:55 Pre-Race Jazzercise Warm-Up in front of the start line
9-10:45 5K run/walk- If you are eager to run then they are recommending you get to the front of the line for safety. Walkers hang back.
10-10:30 1 mile fun run/walk
9:30-noon Post-Race Celebration at the main stage in front of Jefferson County Courthouse in Linn Park

I will be there in the early morning probably by 7:30 at the latest so feel free to come whenever. We are really looking forward to seeing you there!!!

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